What is orthodontic braces or latex and how is it used?

Clamps are actually one of the various types of simple but effective orthodontic appliances.

These braces are also called orthodontic bandages or elastics. With the help of these clamps, we put pressure on the teeth to help change their direction and position.

These elastic braces are usually placed between the lower and upper brackets and help to correct the misalignment of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws by applying pressure.

The raw materials of these caches can be both latex and non-latex materials. But we mostly use caches that are made of latex. If someone is allergic to latex, we will use non-latex caches for them.

Latex caches are usually yellowish in color.

You may be wondering how these tiny, small braces can straighten our teeth when braces do so with all their grandeur and strength. That’s a good question. The answer is that all orthodontic appliances are used for a specific purpose.

It may seem that orthodontic braces can not help align your teeth, but they do.

These braces can move our teeth imperceptibly intermittently, albeit with limited pressure. But they do not have such a function alone, but must be used with braces.

These elastics are best attached to the brackets at all times.

The more you use these caches, the relatively shorter your treatment will be. We recommend that you continue to use cache even while eating. If you can not eat anything with them, take them.

But reconnect them immediately after eating.

Try not to pull the cache during sleep. But keep in mind that because you have been given a large number of caches, to maintain their elasticity, be sure to change them at least 3 times during the day so that they do not loosen or fail.

Caches are usually not very visible and no one will notice them unless you have a colored cache
Clamps are usually flexible and do not damage the jaws
They can be easily replaced
To correct most orthodontic problems along with other devices can be useful
Caches are really cheap and can be purchased in large numbers
If you like colored orthodontics, you are free to choose their color.
If you use orthodontic braces with braces, you may have trouble eating solid foods or foods that require a lot of chewing, and you will need to remove the elastic.
You may get sores in your mouth for a while by putting a bandage on, but this is normal and there is nothing to worry about
Be careful when opening and closing orthodontic elastics as they may be a little painful to connect.
Using caches will be effective when you use them regularly.

So use them as much as you can during the day and night. For example, if you can even use them while eating, be sure to do so.
When using them, be sure to pay more attention to your oral health than ever before.
Whenever your braces are gone, see your orthodontist for new braces.
Replace it whenever the cache is torn or you feel it is too loose.
Always try to have your packages with you.
Only use orthodontic braces as prescribed by your specialist. Never use caches that are not approved by your orthodontist.
How to use orthodontic braces is very important. Use exactly the same number of caches that your specialist considers

Using more or less than the number recommended by the orthodontist can make the treatment process difficult. In this case, the duration of your treatment may be longer.

Tehran Crescent Industry Development Company as the first manufacturer of orthodontic braces in different sizes

8/1 16/3 4/1 16/5 8/3 and is light, medium, and heavy force The packaging of elastics is 100 pieces and is sold in 5000 cartons


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