What are the conditions for buying and returning goods?
You can return the goods up to 30 days after receipt if you are not satisfied.
Can I pay my order in installments (credit)?
no. Unfortunately, the payment is in cash.
How can I notify you of my request for a return of goods (return of goods)?
Please call 02177191351 .
How can I contact you?
You can call the company landline at 02177191351 .
Can I register my order by phone?
Yes, it is possible to register an order request by phone and online.
How can I receive the order invoice?
The original invoice will be sent with the orders.
Is the motorcycle free to the city?
Free shipping for purchases over 10 million Tomans.
How can I receive my order?
Sending orders in Tehran by courier and city by Iran Post is a message.
What is the approximate time of receiving the order?
On average, depending on the amount of the order from the time of order registration 2 to 3 days later The order will be sent.
What goods are shipped?
Purchasing the city will be sent by Iran Post.
How can I pay for my order online?
Payment is made using the internet portal of Bank Saderat and Zarrin Pal.
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