Relying on a strong will, Helal knowledge enteprise Company has been able to produce many orthodontic appliances including brackets, buccal tubes and straps, elastics and other items in Iran. Achieving power is the result of the efforts of creative management and hard-working experts of the collection.
This company is the first company to produce (Mehras) disposable turbines.
By using Mehras personal turbines, the transmission of dangerous diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis and influenza A through dental turbines is prevented.
Relying on its specialized forces, it has been able to produce a complete set of orthodontic appliances in Iran.
Supporting us will lead to more encouragement and more efforts to increase product diversity.

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Tshdental knowledge enteprise company has been serving the medical community since1385. Tehran Helal Industry Development Company is proud to be the first company in Iran, with the help of specialized knowledge of experienced domestic experts, to have achieved the technology of producing orthodontic appliances and disposable turbines under the Mehras brand.
The activity of this knowledge-based company and domestic products, in addition to preventing the outflow of national currency and capital, can strengthen national self-confidence in the production of dental devices.

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