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Dental Space maintainer are devices used to leave enough space for permanent teeth to grow after premature tooth loss. If your child loses a baby tooth due to caries, tooth extraction, or premature tooth trauma, you may not think about it.

After all, your baby’s baby teeth will eventually be replaced with permanent teeth anyway, so why bother with lost baby teeth early? While it is certain that your baby will eventually grow into the remaining space of the baby tooth, there is also the fact that early loss of baby teeth can cause problems for the eruption of permanent teeth. For this reason, your child’s pediatric dentist may recommend something called a space retainer.

A Space maintainer is an edible device made to “maintain” the remaining space of a lost baby tooth. They are usually made of metal or acrylic and can be fixed in the mouth or detachable.

Fixed space retainers attach to the mouth while moving space retainers are similar to orthodontic appliances and may even have dentures.

Fixed Space maintainer attach to the mouth while moving space retainers are similar to orthodontic appliances and may even have dentures. Their main task is to prevent the surrounding teeth from moving into the space left by the deciduous tooth, which was lost very soon.

When the permanent tooth begins to grow, the space retainer is removed because it has served its purpose.

Your pediatric dentist will recommend four different types of space retainers, such as:

Tape and loop holder

One-way Space maintainer are designed to be on one side of the mouth and wrap around the existing tooth. They also have a metal ring that extends into the remaining space of the missing tooth to preserve this space.

Crown and ring guards are designed very much like a one-way Space maintainer, except that they use a crown on the existing tooth instead of screwing it. Tongue retainer is used in cases where there are several missing baby teeth.

They are cemented into the Asian teeth and then attached to the lower front teeth with a metal wire.

The distal Space maintainer of the shoe are placed in the gum line to ensure that there is enough space for permanent teeth to grow. This type of space holder is specifically designed for use in the first permanent molar. A retainer is usually only needed when a child loses a tooth before a permanent replacement is created or ready to grow. This can be due to tooth decay or damage, and sometimes it happens naturally.

Space keepers are devices used in the mouth to maintain space. It is necessary when one or more primary molars have been lost due to trauma or premature disease. The use of a space retainer allows permanent teeth to grow or develop with proper contact of the tooth with the tooth.

The spacers stay between the teeth for one to two weeks and gently pull the teeth apart so that there is enough space between the orthodontists to place a tooth brace or a molar band between them or a ring with a ring. Put metal.

Spacers are usually used to place space between teeth before braces are made.

How do you maintain a space saver?

Take care of space keepers

Avoid sticky sweets, popcorn, ice, or chewing gum.

Pull or push the space holder with your fingers or tongue.

Keep it clean by brushing and flossing.

Carefully clean the wires, tapes, and other parts of the appliance at night, as it tends to trap food.

Unlike braces and other orthodontic appliances, space retainers are not for moving or moving teeth, but for supporting and maintaining the remaining structure of deciduous teeth. Therefore, they are not painful and are very safe.

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